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Institute of Democracy & Elections for Good Governance

The Institute ‘India International Institute of Democracy & Election Management’ (IIIDEM), established by the Election Commission of India (ECI), is working on the elections to Parliament & Assembly. In the probable absence of any Organization/Institute working in the field of elections to Local Self- Governments, the Institute of Democracy & Elections for Good Governance (IDEGG), as a wing of the State Election Commission, Maharashtra (SECM), was established in 2016. Considering the success of its activities, it was registered as Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Reg. No.: GBBSD 1373/2019, Date: 23 July 2019).


The Institute of Democracy & Elections for Good Governance strives to emerge as a repository of knowledge, expertise and training for all the stakeholders of the Local Self-Government institutions in Maharashtra and other states in India. It shall emerge as the foremost institute in the country to deepen the democratic ethos amongst its citizens.


Enabling capacity development & knowledge creation at Local Self-Government institutions

India is a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic, with a three-tier system of governance– National, Regional and Local.

The responsibility of conducting elections to the Central Government and the State Governments, i.e., Parliament and State Legislatures, was entrusted with the Election Commission of India (ECI) by the Constitution of India in 1950, while elections of the Local Self Governments (LSGs) continued with the respective State Governments.

Through the historic 73rd & 74th Amendments to the Constitution of India, the Local Self-Governments (LSGs), the third tier of Indian Democracy, were provided with their rightful place.

  • Generate and disseminate knowledge for ‘Better elections for Good Governance.’
  • Address emerging challenges like misuse of money and muscle power, evils of social media, lack awareness, voter apathy, etc.
  • Develop a common repository of knowledge for good practices worldwide.
  • Involve best persons/institutions/experts etc.
  • To realise the gaps in research, knowledge, training & capacity building etc., in the elections to LSGs.
  • To conduct Research and knowledge-oriented activity in the field of democracy and elections.

Better Elections for Good Governance

IDEGG undertake all possible activities for making the elections of Local Self-Governments (LSGs) better for healthier democracy, as per the expectations of the Constitution of India.


IDEGG provide qualitative reports & analysis of primary data on various issues & challenges across different elections held at local body level.


SECM is collaborated with various stakeholders including academic institutes, non-government organisations, election experts, etc to encourage the scope of research on local body elections both in urban and rural Maharashtra. Click below button to know about our Research conducted.


IDEGG has been regularly publishing literature on elections, its process, new initiatives, etc.


Explore already published literature on elections, its process, new initiatives, etc. by clicking below button.

Conferences & Workshops (Gallery)

IDEGG organises workshops & conferences regarding democracy & local body elections on concern issues from time to time.

Conferences & Workshops

Notable events organized are International Conference on 25th & 26th October, 2018 in Mumbai; Expert Workshop on 6th July 2018.

Training (Gallery)

IDEGG organises programme for women representative & electoral officers, Orientation & training play important role in effective working.


Visit photo gallery to have a look at few training programs conducted by IDEGG.
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